This has to be one of my MOST favourite things to talk about.

I love food and I love all the things that food can do for your body.

Having a background of once being very unhealthy and having a very poor relationship with food to embracing wholefoods and exercise, I truly understand the impact that changing food can have on your overall health. Physical AND mental health.

Far, far, too often do we only see food in the realms of weight loss or protein, carbs and fats.

We forget that the food we eat contains the vitamins, minerals and fibres that are required in the thousands of reactions that happen EVERY second of EVERY day in your body.

Sometimes I wish we could all do a little bit of nutritional biochemistry just so we can truly appreciate how dependent our functions are on the food we eat.  And then I realise that I would get banished from society if I tried to bring that in as mandatory. Bahahahaha!

But seriously, when you are wanting pregnancy support this is a crucial starting place.

To be frank, its a crucial starting place for ALL good hormone health.

The food that you eat is what is used to create your hormones, make your uterine lining, improve the quality of your eggs, amongst a buzzillion other things.

In this blog I cover off;

1.  Why diet is important for fertility support

2. Actionable steps you can take to improve your intake

The link below will take you to the blog that I wrote for the Wellness Centre that I practice from in North Lakes, Soul Spectrum.

And remember – if you want some support from a Naturopath whose passion is women’s health then reach out.

(If you missed part 1, its was on Knowing Your Cycle and Body Sign. Also on this page and Soul Spectrums page)


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