If you have ever wondered what the top words of advice would be regarding pregnancy support from a Women’s Health Naturopath then the next couple series of blogs are for you!

These blogs actually appear on the wellness centre that I practice from, Soul Spectrum at North Lakes.

I started writing just one blog and it kept going, and going, and going….  We decided that splitting into 6 blogs might be a good idea.

The first one that I have provided in the link to below, is all about understanding your body and all the signs that it gives you.

If you are wanting to get pregnant this is really important as there is actually only a small window of time where you are most fertile.

I have tried to split each section into;

  • information about the topic
  • actionable steps that you can take

The topics covered in the 6 blogs are;

1. Know Your Body Cycle and Signs

2. How Diet Can Help Fertility

3. How Stress Can Affect Fertility

4. How Toxic Exposure Can Affect Fertility

5. Fertility of Your Partner

6. Planning Can Help

Click on the link below to take you to Soul Spectrum’s page and part 1 – Know Your Body Cycle and Signs.


And as always – If you need a hand from me, get in touch. I can see you in person at North Lakes or online.

Much love,




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