Hormone balance

– its more than just about making babies!

Look there is no doubt that if you are looking to get pregnant then the balance of your hormones is important. The thing is though, our hormones have a greater impact on the rest of our body than we give them credit for and when they are not balanced, they can have a whole-body impact.

We have receptors for our hormones, progesterone and oestrogen in nearly all of the areas of our body and whilst testosterone is usually always thought of as a male hormone, we have receptors for it too.

Our hormones influence the way our brains work, our mood, our sleep, our thyroid function (which controls your metabolic rate amongst other stuff), our cardiac function, the way we produce energy including how we burn fat stores, our blood sugar levels, our immune system, our vaginal health, how we build muscle, our bone density and our skin and connective tissue health.

Its why when they change in very significant ways, whether that be higher or lower levels then we feel it on a whole-body level.

If we take Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) for instance, a condition where often testosterone is higher, we can see things like impaired blood sugar regulation, difficulty losing weight, acne prone skin and sometimes facial hair growth.

In Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), which is often related to the drop in hormones just before a period or sometimes too much of a hormone relative to the others, we see things like bloating, irritability, moodiness, sleep difficulties.

In endometriosis, whilst not strictly considered a hormonal condition, we see the influence of hormones on the severity of the condition. Its interesting that with this condition there is increased inflammatory markers and often different immune markers too.

Reoccurring vaginal infections can be influenced by hormones through the way that hormones change the vaginal microbiome colonies.

And menopause, where all of our sex hormones plummet, we often see whole body suffering.

Our hormonal balance is a bit like a great harmony.  When all the singers are in the exact right pitch then the song is beautiful.  If one of those singers are not in pitch then the song that comes out is just not enjoyable!

If you want some help to get your harmony right, then get in touch.

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