Yep, sometimes its great that a spontaneous afternoon of fun results in a pregnancy but I would say most of the time if you want to have a baby, a little bit of planning would not go astray.

As a Naturopath that specialises in women’s hormonal health I can tell you that your hormones do not shift overnight when you make changes to diet and lifestyle.

This is the final blog in a six part series around fertility support that I wrote for the wellness centre that I work from, Soul Spectrum and it ties in all of the other five factors that I have gone over.

If you haven’t checked out the others you will also find the link on the blog section of my website.

In this blog I cover off;

1. How long it takes for egg and sperm to develop and why that matters in fertility

2. Actionable steps in planning

3. Do you want a baby? Or is it an expectation?

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