This is the fourth in the six part series blog on natural fertility support that I wrote for Soul Spectrum, the wellness centre that I work form in North Lakes.

To be honest this blog is just great information about how toxic load can affect your hormones in general.

It does become even more important when you are looking at becoming pregnant though because your toxic load can have an impact on both your ability to get pregnant and your babies health.

As I articulate in the blog, it is not meant to scare people. It is all about having the knowledge to make the choice.

Concern about toxic load on humans has moved outside of the realm of environmentalist now and is very squarely being looked at by members of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists regarding the impact on fertility.

In this blog I cover off;

1. Why toxic load is a big deal when it comes to fertility.

2. How you can reduce your toxic load

Click on the the link and it will take you to Soul Spectrums website where I have the blog.

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