Perimenopause – from zero to hero – eight week live online program


This program was designed to address the significant hormonal changes that happen in perimenopause and how to use lifestyle factors of diet, movement, stress reduction and sleep to not only help your symptoms now but to be the foundation of good health for decades.

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Each Tuesday starting 26th March 6pm AEST for 8 weeks. Each session goes for 60 to 75 minutes and will be recorded and provided to you in case you miss any live sessions.

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This program was put together from years of research and discussions that I have every day in my clinic with my perimenopausal patients and my own experience.

Who would benefit from this course?

This program is for you if you:

  • Are in perimenopause (so not yet 12 months after last menstrual cycle)
  • Want to know how to be healthy for decades.
  • Have wanted to start somewhere but didn’t know where to start.
  • Want to learn and participate in a group environment.
  • Have decided that your health matters.
  • Are prepared to make some changes to benefit yourself and those around you.

This program is not for you if you:

  • Are not in perimenopause.
  • Are happy where you at.
  • Are not willing to make any changes to your life.
  • Don’t like interacting with other people.

We have oestrogen and progesterone receptors all over our body and brain so menopause can be experienced as a whole-body change that has the potential to reduce our quality of life if we don’t know what is happening.

I treat perimenopausal clients daily who are experiencing anxiety, mood swings, irritability, joint pain, sleep problems, hot flushes, headaches, weight gain and they don’t know what the cause is. They try the same things that they used to do but the reality is that their bodies are changing so they don’t work anymore.

We address all lifestyle factors because it’s not just about getting through the now. It’s about making sure that we are healthy for decades to come.

This course is all about the lifestyle factors.

The program details

The course is live on Tuesday nights and online and is capped at 8 participants.

Starting with a gentle 3-week detoxification eating pattern, in the 8 weeks we go over all the foundations of good health for perimenopause – there is A LOT of info here;

  • Understanding the changes to our bodies, our brain and our nervous system because of hormonal changes
  • Why gaining weight seems to happen more at this time.
  • Timing of eating and foods that help and foods that don’t .
  • Movement – the do's and don't s of exercise styles.
  • Stress management strategies and why they are critical at this time.
  • Breathing strategies to help stress management from a guest who is accredited in breath work.
  • The importance of sleep and sleep strategies.
  • Strategies to help you change unhelpful habits.
  • Herbs, nutrients and pharmaceuticals.
  • Click here for detailed week to week content.

The 3 weeks detoxification is not a harsh or extreme restriction program. It’s designed to help you kick some of the food habits you might have and to lighten the load on your digestive system.

Each week is a mix of content delivered live by me and group discussion time. Each session is roughly between 60 to 75 minutes long and is designed so that you feel comfortable with how the information can be applied to your life.

It comes with a workbook that contains all the content discussed, plus a detoxification supplement. Recordings will be made available if you miss a week.

If you would like to book a discovery call to know more about the program or, if you are ready to make those changes, then contact me here.

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