Naturopathy is a holistic modality.  It believes in the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit to be able to achieve good health.  It focuses on the restoration of health where health has failed, the optimisation of good health and prevention of health deterioration.

At the heart of Naturopathy is the belief that the body’s own healing can be assisted by quality nutritious food, fresh air, clean water, adequate rest, and the use of herbal remedies and targeted nutrients.

You are so much more than a symptom.

Its why we as Naturopaths do such extensive case taking.  All the aspects of your lifestyle contribute to where your health is at right now so if we are seeking to change your health, then we must try to understand the drivers behind it.  As I take case histories, I can often spot the pattern of symptoms or events that have led to where you are now.

Medical history, family health history, bowel motions, diet, exercise, sleep, stress, emotional support, menstrual cycles, your occupation – these are all questions that I will cover in consultation. There is a good reason my initial consultations are 90 minutes long! 

Empowering you through knowledge.

One of the things that Naturopathy also focus’ on is education. I am so passionate about taking my patients through why we have a developed a particular treatment plan and why I recommend what I do.  It is only through the knowledge of your own body and how it works that you can then make informed decisions about what is good for it in the future.  My ultimate goal is that my patients learn so much about themselves and how to keep themselves healthy that they rarely need me.

Evidence based.

When we look at all the research regarding hormonal health and what can help it, there is an overwhelming amount of research indicating that lifestyle factors (diet, exercise, sleep, stress) can have a significant influence on the occurrence and severity of symptoms relating to hormones (PCOS and PMS are classic cases here).

There is also now some research on nutrient supplementation and how that can help with symptoms attributed to hormones. Both recent research and traditional case reports show us how amazing herbs can be too (PCOS, PMS, menopause, preconception and just about everything in between)

When we combine all of these then we get a much more holistic recipe for good health that results in your body functioning at its optimal, now and for years to come.

Sounds pretty good hey?

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